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Welcome to Eudora Beauty & Wellness

An oasis for curated blend of traditional herbal essence with modern technology

Eudora Beauty & Wellness is a house of fusion of Traditional Chinese medicine and the modern era of technology. We accommodate modern-day treatments with the touch of proven and traditional ancient techniques. We provide services for your enhancement of beauty and well-being. 

There is no definition of beauty, but we think it's lovely when someone's spirit shines through confidence. Your individuality makes you more beautiful. We pamper your skin according to its requirements. We believe in enhancing your gifted beauty to make you appear more confident.

Eudora Beauty & Wellness makes you feel comfortable in your skin because we care about you and your skin. We provide non-invasive services, yet effective customised treatments for face, neck, eyes and body. We promote the use of natural products as well as approved medical products. Fusion is the key to more beneficial and vital results.

Our Popular Treatments

Signature Skin Booster
Signature Skin Booster
Eye Lifting Treatment
RF Eye Lifting
Underarm whitening & hair removal
OPT Whitening Hair Removal
Pain Relief Singapore
Healing Herb Relief

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About Life Health Preservation (Yang Sheng)

Self-care is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle, building positive energy and maintaining balance. Try integrating Yang Sheng into life to get a better understanding of it. It is designed to nurture the body to maintain Qi energy and activeness of the body.

Follow us for first hand news on our latest updates, exclusive promotions, skincare tips and more!

Follow us for first hand news on our latest updates, exclusive promotions, skincare tips and more!

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